Special Need: Mississippi Horses

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JR - Outback is a proud supporter of Mississippi Horses. Please support this organization. The barn & fences took a hit in the storms last week. They need assistance! Help if you can!


We are so blessed to be one of the many charities supported by Steve Grantham and his amazing team at JR-Outback! Our community is so lucky to have him. He called this afternoon and they are donating $10,000 to our maintenance fund. I can never thank him enough for his generosity and I’m so grateful to be able to sleep a little easier tonight.

So far we’ve raised $10,736!! The Blue Ford goes into the shop Monday morning! We’re still waiting on an estimate for roof and tractor repairs but if we can reach our goal we should be able to also put out fertilizer for the sanctuary horses.

I get that this isn’t as exciting as going to auction and saving horses from the slaughter pipeline but in order for us to continue to save horses, we have to have working farm equipment, our volunteers must have a road worthy truck and we must have healthy pastures to maintain the large numbers of horses that need a safe place to go. So please help if you can! Thank you all for caring about the horses!

We found out yesterday our insurance has lapsed and they have blocked our messages. 😳 This group is one of the few in the US to write liability insurance for equine rescue groups. We went with them for damages as well. We never received a reminder or warning that it was about to expire so this is really a bummer.

In the past Bill and I have financially carried the rescue. We are no longer in a position to do that, so as much as we hate to ask, we are in dire need to raise at a minimum $15,000. That’s to fix two tractors, the oil leak in the Ford truck and now two sections of the barn roof. We had a few people donate yesterday (thank you) and raised about $200. We need to raise a lot more.

The truck and tractors are used solely for the rescue facilities. Thank God for our volunteers for all they do but they must have a safe environment and equipment that works if we are to continue.

This was an entirely different section that blew off yesterday. We need quotes from roofers please at the Canton facility. Send a pm if interested.

You can donate on Facebook or

Visit our donation page for more options. https://www.mississippihorses.org/donate-to-the-cause/

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